Bearded Dragon livefood

Beardie Central are specialists in Bearded Dragons!

Bearded dragons are the most popular pet reptile in the world. They're friendly, funny, lovable lizards, that's why you want one!

Spend some time browsing this site, watch the bearded dragon videos and read the bearded dragon care sheet. Join in with our knowledgeable bearded dragon community on Facebook and Twitter. Ask as many questions as possible, we want you and your bearded dragon to be best friends! There's even a free newsletter you can get (the form is on the right)!

At Beardie Central, we have selected the best products for your Bearded Dragons. If we wouldn't use a product on our bearded dragons, we wouldn't sell it to you. Our livefood is delivered to you direct from the breeder and we guarantee it's freshness.

All bearded dragon vivariums are spacious enough to maintain correct temperature gradients. Our bearded dragon UVB tubes are tested, and those not good enough for your bearded dragon, are not on this site. Only the best bearded dragon lighting and bearded dragon heating here! A full range of bearded dragon decor and artificial plants are also available to really make your bearded dragon feel at home.

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